Taniwha is a human-powered racing submarine constructed by students and staff from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute at the University of Auckland. It is the only human-powered submarine in the Southern Hemisphere! The submarine is the equivalent to a bicycle underwater. The pilot hops inside and pedals to rotate fins on top and bottom, propelling the submarine forward. Hydraulics are used to flex the tail and rotate hydroplanes to maneuver the submarine.

Students have been working on the submarine since 2014 and are currently the world champions for non-propeller submarines! In July 2016 they will defend their title at  European International Submarine Races in Gosport United Kingdom on 6-15 July.

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The project serves as a platform for research and student projects with the goal of advancing human mobility underwater.  Students are part of the Biomimetics team that work on a umber of projects that are all designed to develop strategies that mimic biology. You can find out more by visiting the biomimetics website.