The Team

Manager/ Support Diver: Iain Anderson (Associate Professor / ABI, DES)

Captain/ Pilot: Christopher Walker (PhD Candidate / ABI)

Chief Engineer: Ben Pocock (Research Engineer / ABI)

Chief Diver / Second Pilot: Sanjay Surendran (BE student / DES)

Engineer / Support Diver: Gerrit Becker (Biomimetics Lab)

Safety Officer / Support Diver: Koray Atalag (ABI, NIHI)

Taniwha Contributors (Present):

Andreas Tairych (Hydraulics Design, Building / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

John Cater (Design, CFD modelling   / Department of Engineering Science)

Richard Clarke (Design, CFD modelling  / DES)

Theo Drissner (Engineer / Department of Engineering Science)

Alejandro Block (Support Diver)

Min Sang Kim (CFD modelling  / Department of Engineering Science)

Alex Cashen (Buoyancy systems engineer)

Jonothan Chaplow  (Buoyancy systems engineer)

Jae Chan Park (ROV development)

Eric Lee (ROV development)

Jeremie Bannwarth (ROV development)

Nicholl  Oblitas-Costa (Business Development)

Taniwha Contributors (Past):

Antoni Harbuz (2014 Captain, pool testing / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

Daniel Vochezer (Project Engineer, Pool Testing, 2014 Pilot / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

Ryan Chao (Building, Design, Pool Testing, 2014 Dive Team / DES)

Dominic Appel (2014 Dive Team)

Marcus Thomsen (2014 Dive Team)

Cam Algie (building, design, pool testing, 2014 racing team member / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

Tom Allen (fibreglassing instructor, hull design material advisor / CACM, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Max Aurbach (hull fabrication, principal schleifer / Biomimetics Lab, ABI)

Mark Battley (Composites Advisor / CACM, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Andrew Creegan (Hull Design, Hull Fabrication, Rendering / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

Casey Jowers (Hull Fabrication / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

Jung Joo Kim (Hull Fabrication / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

Ben Levy (Pool Testing, 2014 support team / Department of Engineering Science)

David LePelley (Hull Fabrication Advisor / Wind Tunnel, Faculty of Engineering)

Steve Olding (Mechanical Consultant, Machine Instructor, Production Helper / ABI)

David Shin (Hull Fabrication, namer of Taniwha / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

Tony Tse (Hull Fabrication, Photographer / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

Andrew Lo (Hull Fabrication / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)

Daniel Xu (Hull Fabrication / Biomimetics Lab,  ABI)